Progressive Ethics began as blog in 2008, for the purpose of hosting well-researched political content meant to rebut conservative critiques of liberal ideologies. The rebuttals were rooted in moral worldviews that sought to dismantle the misconception that morality and liberal ethics were inherently distinguishable. This was in response to a personal immersion the blog creator had at a conservative university as a student who sought to justify his beliefs as rooted in good will. The premise of the blog maintained that there are core values that unite people of varying worldviews, and tension that arises around these values should exist primarily within the context of healthy discussions about how to best achieve those values.

Today, Progressive Ethics has expanded its mission around three concise determinations.

Articulate Perspective

Make considerations for those who lack relatability when crafting detailed explanations and never deprive an open mind.

Be Honest and Accountable

Creatively communicate the truth and indulge those who respectfully disagree.

Do what’s Good

Advocate for others when it is the right thing to do. Fight for communities you don’t belong to and ideas you don’t benefit from.